Community Engagement

ERBN Green believes in giving back and has an affinity for animal rescue and protection. Each month, we assist in creating awareness and aiding in fundraising for local animal rescue organizations.

Toronto Cat Rescue TCR

Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) is the largest cat rescue in Canada, saving close to 2,800 cats per year. We are not a shelter but rather a wide network of foster homes and volunteers across the Greater Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, and Cambridge areas. We work with shelters, rescues and humane societies across Ontario and Quebec, and partner formally with Toronto Animal Services to ensure they can function and reduce euthanasia rates to a negligible amount.

Every single TCR volunteer, adopter, donor, and supporter are a hero helping save the lives of cats that have no other hope for survival or a meaningful life. By helping us, you are a hero saving lives too.

Mission: Our mission is to rescue and find homes for abandoned sick or injured cats from situations of abuse, neglect, or imminent euthanasia.

Loyalist Humane Society, cat lying down on yellow pillow

The Loyalist Humane Society (LHS) is a non-profit registered charity incorporated in 1999.  We provide care for animals without homes and our ultimate goal is to find each pet a new and loving Forever Home. Our committed staff, valued volunteers, generous community and wonderful local veterinarians have made the LHS the success that it is today.

The LHS is solely funded by donations, sponsors and fundraising and the Society is totally dependent on volunteers. Thank you for visiting us online and we hope to see you at the LHS soon!

Our Mandate:
o To establish fostering and adoption programs for abandoned and stray animals
o To establish a spay/neuter program
o To educate the public on the care of pets
o To co-operate with other groups and organizations whose interests are similar and not in conflict with the Society

Have a community or organization in mind you think would be a great fit for ERBN Green? Let us know!